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A young team but with clear ambition to punch above their weight in thinking and execution.



One Design Office (ODO) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary design firm that melds expertise in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, and Branding, to create complete user experiences. Intersecting these fields enables an innovative, creative process that results in unique, tailored designs. This fusion opens up new ideas and opportunities by removing the traditional constraints of a single specialisation working in isolation. It gives us the rare ability to shape practical and functional solutions that connect your spaces, products, and brands more meaningfully with your audience.


Our disciplines

ODO offers you a full-service, integrated capability that delivers engaging experiences by design. From retail spaces and offices, to bespoke fittings and furniture, to corporate imagery and digital media, every aspect of our business forms part of our client's experience.

Architecture / Interiors
Through detailed craftsmanship, we explore design methodologies that accommodate pragmatic requirements, emulating our clients' objectives to create welcoming, immersive destinations.

Through our insight into interactivity and the principles that govern people’s preferences, behaviour, and needs, we design products that are user-friendly, unique and improve everyday life.

Through our ability to tell stories and bring ideas to life, we create or re-energise brands so they connect with people at a deeper level and proactively position your business in your market.


Our directors
With diverse backgrounds, our directors exemplify our collaborative approach.

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Samson Tiew
Director / Founder
M.Architecture, B.Property and Construction (Hons), AIA, ARBV, 
Registered Architect in
Victoria and New South Wales

Born into a family of property developers and construction engineers, Samson's interest in the built environment began at an early age. His ability to approach architecture with a fusion of technical and construction knowledge, combined with innovative design practices, allows him to propose informed, creative, solutions that challenge the norm and create unique spatial experiences. 

Jon Liow
Director / Founder
M.Architecture, B.Design (Industrial Design) (Hons)

Inspired by his father to create from a young age, Jon has a passion for using design to solve everyday problems. With a foundation in industrial design, Jon's ability to transfer his innovative problem solving skills across multiple disciplines allows him to provide unique insight and direction into projects ranging from products through to spaces and environments.


The team
A young team but with clear ambition to punch above their weight in thinking and execution.



Anthony Teoh
Design Director – Brand
B.Comm Design


Pei Wen Kwek
Project Lead
M.Architecture, ARBV


Emily Tang
Project Professional


Drew Kitchen
Project Analyst
Adv. Dip B.D. (Architecture) 


Kim Low
Commercial Lead
M. Architecture, ARBV 


Nathan Davis
Project Analyst
Adv. Dip B.D. (Architecture) 


Elisa Kho
Office Manager
B.Business (Marketing)

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Dylan Luxa
Industrial Designer
B.Design (Industrial Design) (Hons)